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As a healthcare provider who recognizes the profound impact of relational health on one's overall health, I am extremely grateful to have Gina Young in our community offering marriage intensives.  Her expertise and ability to listen intently, hold safe space, and hone in quickly on key areas for healing and growth is invaluable.  The format is convenient for busy couples, highly effective, and very much worth the investment.  The feedback I am receiving from people I have sent Gina's way makes me 100% confident in referring my clients, friends, and family members to her.

Jessie Podolak, PT

Phileo Health

As a colleague of Gina's, I am so thankful for her expertise in the field of relationship/couples therapy. Gina has a calming presence and offers a non-judgemental place for couples to be real and open about any struggles that they are experiencing. Her devotion and compassion to her clients shines through her. I would recommend Gina to anyone that needs help in their relationship and/or personally.

Ashley Swartz, LPC

Gina is a pure gem! With her compassion, authenticity, and integrity, she creates a safe place to heal and renew relationships. Her unique intensives offer the opportunity to uncover unhealthy relationship patterns effectively and efficiently. As another area mental health professional, Link Relationship Counseling is my number one choice to refer couples to for healing and growth.

Tonya Hughes,  LMFT

Gina makes a space of openness and acceptance that you feel immediately.  This helps you to feel safe and free to dig into whatever struggles you are wrestling with.  I highly recommend Gina to anyone struggling within their relationship or themselves.

Paula Peterson, LPC

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